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s:UI for WildStar – Minimalistic WildStar UI

My WildStar UI is now available on GitHub. As I stopped playing after the hype there won’t be any updates. Feel free to use the code for your own projects.


  • There’s no configuration GUI
  • My settings are hardcoded because I don’t like setting up stuff upon creating a new char, but most stuff is still customizable by editing the Lua files.
  • It’s unfinished and I’m not working on it anymore.
  • It’s not tested in raiding environments and if you decide to disable RaidFrameBase you’ll need to add all needed entries (stuff like specifying member roles) to the context menu library as it currently only contains the entries found in ContextMenuPlayer
  • Please note: S (SezzUI) is currently a global variable for debugging reasons!


Features (for Users)

  • Action Bars
  • Auction House Replacement (Implemented: Buying/Selling/Shopping Lists)
  • Auto-Repair, Auto-Vendor Trash
  • Bottom Menu Fading
  • Class Resources
  • CritLine
  • Data Text
  • Mini Map Modifications
  • Rare Alert + Focus
  • Ready Check
  • Sound Toggle (CTRL+S)
  • Slash Command Shortcuts
  • Unit/Raid Frames

Features (for Developers)

  • Aura Library (for displaying buffs/debuffs)
  • Context Menu Library (working, but incomplete)
  • Flat Tabbed Window Library
  • Flat Tree View Library
  • Unit Frames Library (fully customizable like oUF)
  • Pixel Font Package



However, if you are reusing code/libraries in your projects and have any questions feel free to ask.


Sources are available on GitHub


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